Professional Painting and Waterproofing

Professional Painting and Waterproofing Services in Clearwater, Florida

Water Proofing the Building - Water Proofing in Clearwater, FL
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Residential Painting & Services

Keeping your home beautiful inside and outside is easier when you hire D & J Painting & Waterproofing Inc. Using the highest quality products, we perform residential painting services that give your home a richer look.

Commercial Painting Services

Your business structure may be old and worn, but it will look new again when we perform commercial painting services. To create a lasting finish, we do everything from painting to protective coating application.

Waterproofing Services

Giving Back

D & J Painting & Waterproofing, Inc. believes in giving back to our neighbors and the community. We are proud to volunteer our professional painting services and equipment to Paint Your Heart Out™, an organization created to paint low-income housing units.